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12oz Medium Roast, expertly roasted in house by co-founder, Tony Scholl. Art by Tanya Scholl. This is the one that started it all. When Comics On Coffee was just a hobby, we wanted to create a unique product with the best quality coffee we could find. Here it is. No flavors, just a perfect medium roast. You will be able to taste the quality of the bean with every sip, and get a good amount of caffeine while you're at it. For the coffee connoisseurs; you'll taste notes of cocoa & citrus. 

Outbreak: Medium Roast

Excluding Sales Tax
    • ROAST: Medium
    • FLAVOR: Cocoa, Sweet, Citrus
    • BODY: Medium
    • ACIDITY: Medium
    • PROCESS: Washed 
    • ELEVATION: 1,700 to 2,100masl
    • VARIETY: Arabica
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