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The ultimate team-up! Comics On Coffee & DC

have joined forces to make your mornings more exciting

and action packed with great tasting coffee!

This Dark Knight Roast is an excellent cup of coffee, that

will leave your taste buds begging for one more cup!

Absolutely no bitter aftertaste, with a tiny hint of citrus

and chocolate.

For the true collectors & fans out there, don’t miss your

chance to experience what all vigilantes are calling

“A roast you’ll want to keep brewing from sun-up to


©️&™️ DC (s22)

Dark Knight Roast

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our coffee comes from the finest coffee farm in Nicaragua. This high altitude farm produces an all-natural, specialty grade bean, that the locals prefer to drink every day.

    We pride ourselves in doing better than Fair Trade. We do Direct Trade. From the initial visit, to the logistics in getting the coffee to the US; we want to see every aspect to ensure that we are getting the very best coffee.

    Elevation: 1500 Meters

    Process: Natural

    Roast: Dark

  • Offically Licensed: As comic book fans, and a love for small details; we pick covers from our favorite artists at DC. The 1st Print Bag was a cover by Jim Lee (Future State: The Next Batman #4). The 2nd Print Bag is by Jason Fabok (Detective Comics #1,000). Similar to comic books, we keep our coffee bags limited, by offering 1st & 2nd prints. And once the 1st print is sold out- that's it. Never to be printed again!  Keep an eye out for the 3rd print coming soon! 

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