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Passionate About Comics and Coffee

Who We Are

Comics on Coffee is a family owned coffee company serving premium coffee to people who love comics, heroes, and Lord of the Rings. We import our high-quality coffee beans directly from farmers around the world and roast 5 days a week at our facilities in Fort Myers, FL.


We also participate in better than fair trade when sourcing our coffee beans. Our goal is to do more for those with less. That's why our coffee is supplied directly from the farmers, cutting out the trade brokers and getting all that money directly into the hands of the farmers that desperately need it. We believe in paying more per pound than Fair Trade and forging a new type of relationship with coffee farmers to make sure that happens.


Our Values

We believe in family. There’s something that sets us apart; the generation that grew up with Batman: The Animated Series & riding our bikes to the local gas station to pick up a new comic. We hold on to those memories and as our kids get older, we get to share our passions with them. And right now, as the world bombards our kids; they need their parents more than ever to be that constant love in their lives. Your kids need you to be their hero - and we have the fuel you need. 

About the Founders

Tony and Tanya, a husband & wife team; Tanya has always had a passion for drawing. Archie Comics and Batman sparked an interest in comics that got her drawing at a very young age. She designs all our coffee bags (some of our original bags, like the Outbreak and Disastrous Decaf, include her own art) and works closely with the Warner Bros. & DC team to create stunning “collect-worthy” coffee bags for all fans. 

About the owner


Tony is our head roaster and logistics expert. He travels to different coffee farms to personally check the coffee quality and develop a relationship with the farmers. He also handles our day to day operations and enjoys traveling to multiple comic conventions throughout the year. 


How It Started

It really only started as a “side-hobby” for Tony and Tanya. They’ve always worked really well together and came up with the idea to combine two separate passions into one. It wasn’t until MegaCon Orlando 2021 did they realize that they had something truly special. A 4-day event, with a small booth; they sold-out of coffee everyday and had to leave early because they had no more product left. People quickly realized this wasn’t a gimmick- it’s actually really great tasting coffee! By the end of the year, they were talking with DC.

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