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The Flash: Central City Spiced Rum Coffee is finally here!


Make your way to the speed force with this all natural 100% Arabica Coffee! A lighter roast, with higher caffeine; this blend has delicious flavors of rum, cream, and espresso.


As the story goes, Barry Allen got his powers when a lightning bolt hit his lab and splashed a number of chemicals on him. Before gaining his powers; he was slow, methodical, and always late. But we’re pretty sure there’s a storyline where a cup of coffee was near that bolt of lightning. Makes perfect sense, right!?


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Central City Spiced Rum

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our coffee comes from the finest coffee farm in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. This high altitude farm produces an all-natural, specialty grade bean, that the locals prefer to drink every day.


    We pride ourselves in doing better than Fair Trade. We do Direct Trade. From the initial visit, to the logistics in getting the coffee to the US; we oversee every aspect to ensure that we are getting the very best coffee.


    Elevation: 1500 Meters

    Process: Natural

    Roast: Medium/Light


    About Us: A husband & wife power team! Tony is our head roaster and logistics expert. From farm to roast to the grind - he sees that every product we sell is worthy for heroes. Tanya, a life-long artist, our designer, and a love for all things DC; she handles our day-to-day operations.

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