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12oz Decaf Coffee, expertly roasted in house by co-founder, Tony Scholl. 

Disastrous Decaf

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Sugarcane Decaf Process

    Ethyl acetate is an organic compound found in sugarcane, and the decaffeination process begins with the fermentation of molasses derived from sugarcane to create ethanol. This alcohol is then mixed with acetic acid (the main component of vinegar) to create the compound ethyl acetate.

    In a direct solvent-based process, low-pressure steam opens the pores of the coffee beans. Then the beans are soaked in a solution of water and ethyl acetate. The solvent binds to the salts of chlorogenic acids and allows the removal of caffeine. After flushing the beans with ethyl acetate repeatedly, up to 97% of the caffeine is extracted. Because ethyl acetate comes from sugarcane and is an organic compound that can effectively remove caffeine, the coffee’s flavor attributes are not extracted. 

    • ROAST: Dark
    • FLAVOR: Cocoa, Sweet, Citrus, Nutty
    • BODY: Medium
    • ACIDITY: Medium
    • PROCESS: Washed & EA Decaffeination
    • ELEVATION: 1,700 to 2,100masl
    • VARIETY: Caturra, Castillo
  • Art & Design by our co-founder, Tanya Scholl. Digitally drawn and colored, we wanted to create a character so amped up, he doesn't need an ounce of caffeine. After all, legends say there are some people in this world who don't need caffeine. 

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