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Superman: The Metropolis Mocha
Comics On Coffee & DC have joined forces to make your mornings more exciting and action packed with great tasting coffee! You don’t need x-ray vision to see that this coffee will make you more powerful than a mocha-motive. This bold espresso bean has a natural chocolate taste. Sourced from the high mountains of Nicaragua; and like all our coffee- it’s Direct Trade & all natural. We add an all-natural vanilla flavored oil to make it an even greater tasting coffee. Get ready to steep tall buildings with a single ground. 

“This coffee has got us moving faster than a speeding barista.” -The Daily Planet
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Superman Metropolis Mocha

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Our coffee comes from the finest coffee farm in Nicaragua. This high altitude farm produces an all-natural, specialty grade bean, that the locals prefer to drink every day.

    We pride ourselves in doing better than Fair Trade. We do Direct Trade. From the initial visit, to the logistics in getting the coffee to the US; we want to see every aspect to ensure that we are getting the very best coffee.

    Elevation: 1500 Meters

    Process: Natural

    Roast: Medium/Dark

    Size: 12oz Ground Medium for Regular Drip/Coffee Machine or Whole Bean

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